Travel Plans: Arcata

I’m planning a trip later this year to Arcata. Do I know anything about Arcata and the surrounding areas? Not even a little bit, but one of my friends I hold quite dear to lives around there. If I drove, it would take all day and considerable amount of gas. My car only takes premium, so it’s cost prohibitive. I’m not too fond of the idea sitting alone in my car for extended periods of time, so flying is the go-to way. I found out if I sign up for a new credit card, the cost of the ticket is just $75. Fuck. Yes.

I think it’s been about 3 years since I’ve last seen her. I returned to Santa Barbara at the time to see some friends while also part-taking in the usual array of booze and partying that accompanies the night. Shit was fun and my god, did I not have a care in the world at that time.

I find it amazing some of the people I befriended in sort periods of time are some of the more meaningful ones. I’m glad we find some means of keeping in touch with everyone’s lives running separately. It’s the drawbacks of moving on to the next chapter — lives diverge. People you once saw frequently disappear and are a rare occurrence. To live to get older, but miss the times you once had.

A lot has happened in the time I’ve seen her. I let her know I’ve changed a lot. Gone are the days of daily around the clock binge drinking and drunken walks along the beach. Do I miss it? Kinda. I miss not worrying about anything. Life comes at you fast and I’m just glad I can easily start a conversation with someone I miss.

One plane ticket coming right up. Later world.

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