Visions of Fortune in Thin Air

Is really June already? It’s crazy and terrifying how fast time flies. It felt like just yesterday when it was January and I was wondering if my New Years resolutions would be doable. Turns out — I’m three for three and then some. I’m not saying just because you plan for something it always has to turn out the way you want, but with enough determination and effort, anything is possible. Plans do change after all.

One of my friends told me the other day the few minor inconveniences I nag and complain about are vastly different than some of the issues other people experience. Does it mean I’m too focused on the minute and not at the bigger picture? My stocks are now in the red for the first time all year and my mirror broke off my car — seriously. This is all that’s bugging me all week. Fuck it. Right? Little annoyances are just that — temporary.

One of my friends — who is female, has been giving some weird vibes lately. I consider her one of those people who don’t particularly have strong listening abilities. It doesn’t matter if I text it bluntly or say it over the phone — she won’t leave me alone. Seriously — stop bugging me about stupid shit. It’s not to say I won’t lend an ear or hear her out. I’m annoyed she doesn’t get the message. Give me a break already. I would chalk this up with age being the main reason we don’t see eye to eye. She’s a nice person, but no — you and I will never be. As some say, she’s not my cup of tea.

Looking at my family, I finally met my sis’ new (boy) friend the other day. I would say it’s still too soon and early, but she’s happy, laughing, and cheerful so I’ll reserve judgment from some other time. Let time take its course and come to an opinion later on.

It’s been over two months since my dad had a job and he, from what I can tell, isn’t really trying to be employed. He embodies everything I dislike about being a man and the head of the household. If his constant negativity about the world and blatant laziness in taking control of his life wasn’t obvious when I was much younger, now it has. I’ll never understand someone like him because he is the anti-me — if that even makes sense. Weird thing is, I don’t recall a single time when I was kid where I looked up to him as a mentor or idol. You might be thinking “how sad” but it wouldn’t have done me any good.

One of my co-workers said I need to fend for myself since it’s my life and I deserve to have everything I want and aspire to be. My god I will. As I titled this, visions of fortune don’t come out of thin air.

Later world.



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