Fuck She’s Cool

I have one friend I’ve known for more than half my life. As a matter of fact, since the 6th grade — so about when I was 11. Back then, I was incredibly mean to her, but thankfully, I’m forgiven — or she doesn’t remember it. Hooray!

We tend to chat about veganism, health, and animal welfare whenever she posts something intriguing. I dig it a lot. It’s rare to find someone so outwardly passionate about certain topics and interests. I was mentioning how difficult it would be to eat out with my group of friends if I made the switch, seeing as how other food options are hard to come by. Recently, there has been the new and improved Impossible Burger making the rounds at some restaurants, but there’s a catch. It costs more than a regular cheeseburger.

So much for that. I told her the most health conscious thing I’ve done recently the past couple weeks was go on a water fast. By some surprise, she fasts too. We both got excited by the coincidence. Two skinny people fasting makes people raise their eyebrows, but it’s more about detoxification than weight reasons. Just like that, my day got a lot brighter and I realized just how awesome some my long time friends are.

May ain’t too bad. Later world.

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