Thanks. But No Thanks.

I recently have been talking to this one lady — she likes me. Hooray? Now normally, the thought of having someone like me sends a lot of conflicting thoughts. Why does she like me? Where does this go? What are her motives? I don’t jump in with open arms since it’s not a priority of mine to have a relationship.

My male friends hate this about me. The argument is usually, “You’ve been single for X amount of years. Why not?” True. But I find being with someone a lot of work. Shit literally ties you down and there’s a lot of effort needed — none of which allures me at this point of my life.

Other goals take precedence. I much rather go full force with my career and find the means to buy my own place and be completely independent for myself. That in of itself sounds impressive, whenever it does happen. Getting tied down more or less keeps those goals in the backseat.

I think most relationships are dependent on the other person for much of the duration. It could be as simple as getting a ride, emotional support, a phone call, or the occasional venting out of frustrations. It doesn’t allure me. I don’t like supporting someone. It’s a rarity to meet someone who is completely capable of fending for themselves without a few strings attached. For now, I’ll have to tell her thanks, but no thanks.

No hard feelings, darling? Later world.

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