Fuck You and Fuck Me

Perhaps I needed someone who was already of retirement age to tell me this, but I realized I’ve haven’t been looking out for myself. I tend to think I live a life of excess — or at least that’s what my friends believe. I have this and that, but I worked for it. I’m not bothered by the sudden realization. I like new perspectives. I’ve been too kind to others and it’s time I do me.

It doesn’t make me selfish. I’m just looking out for myself. If you’re someone I care about, I won’t stop caring. It’s just I need to focus on myself more. I’ve been too honest with everyone when they haven’t been with me. I’ve overlooked the obvious and give too many passes when it wasn’t justified. I’ll be your brother’s keeper, but within reason. The clock is ticking and I feel my personal goals are slipping little by little each month.

To simply put it. I have no time for others who can’t take care of themselves. I can’t stand those who wallow in their misery and bring me down by association. I care, just not now.

Later world.


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