10 Year Reunion


It’s been 10 years since I graduated high school. Yay? There’s a reunion coming up and it got me thinking. Why the hell would anyone want to revisit their high school years? Is it odd I think high school was four years of constant dicking around without any idea of what to do? I remember people weren’t exactly friendly either. Days were filled with the stereotypical drama which seems stupid now that I look back it. I remember some people completely fucked up and got their girl friends pregnant. As it recall, it was babies having babies.

My high school was ghetto as fuck. One year we were on lockdown due to pipe bombs being found on campus and on Main St. It was wild and pretty much summarized the type of atmosphere the campus had. Everyone wanted to fit in and be cool — whatever the fuck that still means and at any means necessary. It’s the typical teenage mentality.

I was by no means a good student, I failed a few classes and had summer school — which was kinda entertaining. I say that because more than half my class over the summer obviously didn’t want to be there and the poor teacher who had to instruct us was more about “fuck it” then actually doing their job. Everyone passed, but it was undeserved. At one point over the summer, someone thought it would be funny to pull the fire alarm everyday. It had gotten so bad, they slapped black tar on the handle to catch the perpetrator. My summers weren’t boring, but my God did it feel like a waste of time.

Ten years feel like an eternity ago and I think I’ve made a lot of progress in the life department. I’m still working at it and not remotely done or satisfied, but the motivation is there. Some want to relive the glory days of being a teenager, while I’ll have to offer a firm but hard no. I felt like nobody and I’m glad I got the fuck out of there. I let go and hope others do too.

Later world.

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