Ups and Downs

There’s really never a dull moment throughout the week or month. Like today for instance. We fired two employees at our other office in Georgia — let’s just say they didn’t take it so well. We just opened up the office here too which means there isn’t much of a proper procedure for this type of situation. They left the office with a set of keys, computers with deleted files and passwords missing. What the fuck, right?

As the IT guy, this made my morning stressful and difficult. Being that I already had a laundry list of tasks to complete, their lack of decorum in taking the sudden notice of being unemployed didn’t sit too well with me. As I was frantically doing damage control once again, minutes felt like seconds, but just before lunch, the fire was put out — so to speak.

I’m still amazed some people go this far to sabotage our small operation, but people tend to surprise me all the time. I went for a walk to relieve any lingering stress and just clear my head. Work can be such a bitch — and that’s an understatement.

There’s bound to be more days just like this, but I wouldn’t expect anything less. If I think about it, I’m really not one to like having everything too easy. Without days like this and life’s ups and downs, I don’t think I’d ever appreciate those few short moments of clarity when the dust settles.

Later world.

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