3 for 3: Try and Stop Me

I’ve had three goals in mind since starting this job which has now spiraled into a full career: the last one being purely for aesthetic reasons — fix my every so slightly crooked teeth. As of this week, I reached this goal. It’s fulfilling to say the least. Isn’t that what a large part of life is? Having goals and aspirations, then meeting them?

My friends seem impressed by the accomplishments thus far. Another big one was my recent trip to Washington, D.C to catch up with by best friend. You can say I’m on a roll and have no way of stopping the momentum. Most of my bills are paid off and all I have to worry about is this student loan which has since dwindled down more than 80% since my college years.

I read somewhere the average millennial has less than $1000 saved and carries $30,000 in student debt. It’s a frightening thought to be thrown into the real world and trying to make a name for yourself with the anxiety of owing money brings. Heck. Some just default and don’t pay back a dime. I had one friend who took it upon herself to ignore all the letters and notices she received and jump ship to South Korea of all places. That in my opinion was a stupid idea and just reeks of someone who isn’t willing to carry any real world responsibility. If you’re going to disappear, I guess why not leave the country.

She teaches English. We’re not friends anymore either, because fuck that shit.

Later world.

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