Admit 1

In just a few short days, I’ll be on a plane to fly myself to Maryland — all to visit my best friend in DC. I’m excited, relieved, yet anxious. I think anyone flying solo would have those feelings swirling in you in the days prior. I usually only travel to see friends and this time is no different. If the weather forecast is accurate, I’ll be met with heavy rain and thunderstorms. Normally, this might temper the experience of a trip, but the goal is always to spend time with them — the city is just a cherry on top.

This month has been interesting to say the least. Just a few weeks prior, I had two surprise medical bills in the upper three digits. Fun fact: I’m at risk for glaucoma. Like I needed a legitimate reason to start smoking weed. Ha. A large portion of my income is from commission and bonuses. I managed to beat the previous sales goal I set for myself with much fanfare from my boss. I respect him for instilling his trust in me so confidently. Subsequently, I’ll make twice as much as I made my last paycheck and will be on track to double that for the next one.

Just being honest, the money doesn’t excite me anymore. I’ll pay off my student loans a little quicker and breathe a sigh of relief I’m one of the fortunate ones. My friend use to give me shit for saying I had the means to go anywhere and do anything, but had myself firmly planted in the Valley. Well, this is me telling you how much our friendship means to me.

What is life?

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