Lost in Time

I feel like I’m constantly in battle with myself. There who I am, who I was, and who I want to be. They say shouldn’t judge others based on their past actions, but is it really the case? I find myself so lost in my thoughts that I don’t feel I ever see the present. Some days feel dull and uninteresting, which is not what a bright sunny So Cal day is suppose to invoke. I often wish I could relive the past. Just step foot into a time machine, punch in the exact date I want to return to, and off I go.

Funny thing is, I have an exact date and time I’d like to go back to. It was with someone close to me who meant the world. We spent the day together on that date. It’s one of most cherished memories and I hope I never forget it. Isn’t this what life is? To reminisce about the days we loved with the ones we held most dear to?

Later world.

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