Following Through

I believe everyone should keep their word. That if they say they’ll do something, they should have full intent on making it happen. A while back after my best friend moved to DC, I told myself (and him), if there was time, I’d fly to visit him. I bought my tickets today.

It’s been a hell-ish week at work with lots of bickering from both my co-workers and my boss. I needed time to stop and do my body a favor with a nice little get away. Away from my little hometown in the suburbs and change of scenery. I’m excited, a bit anxious, but mostly relieved. We haven’t had time to really catch up and I feel it’s necessary to reconnect face-to-face to see what he’s been up to. Phone calls and the frequent group chat we all are apart of doesn’t have the same impact as seeing someone in person.

I don’t believe it ever will. What’s friendship without going the extra mile?

Later world.

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