Looking for Love

I don’t go looking for love. No Tinder. No Plenty of Fish. No OK Cupid. None of that shit. It makes little sense to use dating apps considering they likely attract a different crowd — the one I’m not interested in. College years were more about hooking up and not so much about meaningful relationships. I hope anyone can see the difference or at least grow out of the hook up culture. What guys talk about behind close doors is a whole separate issue all together. I think what my co-worker in Texas said to his wife sums it up best, “Men are dogs. Just look for a good dog.” How moving.

Everyone I’ve dated or have been with were chance encounters. Looking back, all my relationships weren’t from any mutual friends. It’s interesting to think about. One day, we met randomly, started talking, and then a relationship happened — just like that. I hear a lot of people get introduced to their future love interest, but that seems so awkward to think about.

I’ve been told, “Daniel, you need to put yourself out there!” And then there’s, “How is it you’re single?!” All of which was from co-workers. My usual response is that I’m not really trying. I can’t fathom being in a relationship when I’m not done working on myself. It jeopardizes my own self-development. Odds are, you get too comfortable once you’re with someone and run the risk of being stagnant. I’m not looking to be a serial dater or go out of my way to find “the one”. Life isn’t some Hollywood romance with happily ever after the end. I’ll let love find me — naturally.

Later world.

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