Everyone Lies

My best friend is full of shit. It’s sad to admit it’s come to this, but his rampant drug use has left him as a shadow of his former self. You’d think after the weekly cocaine binges the past couple of years he’d stop and have a reality check, but that’s wishful thinking.

The other night he admits he’s here to just have a good time and could care less about how long he lives. I went at him with the cold blunt truth and tried to set the record straight. I’m sure nothing I said made it through to him. It never has.

I’m not here to save him. He’s lazy, unmotivated, down on life, and depressed. I have no time for people who can’t help themselves and mope around hoping the world will throw them a bone. Somehow he’s willing to blame everything except himself. I believe everyone is in control of their lives and every action lead them up to this point.

If you’re not where you want to be, blame yourself. Take back what’s yours.

Later world.

2 replies on “Everyone Lies”

Addiction is more than just a “problem” it’s a medically proven disease, just like diabetes and cancer and it’s just as life-threatening if left untreated. Unlike our families, we get to choose our friends and surround ourselves with people solely because we like them and they make our lives better. It’s hard to be a friend to someone abusing drugs, yet this is the time when your friend needs you most. I’m n

It is someone who you claim to be a ‘best friend’ and yes, in my opinion, the friendship between best friend’ is rooted with loads of respect and love. And therefore, I will fight to save my best friend even if she was abusing drugs. I will not give up on her. Because this is not how I first found her. I’m sure, you didn’t meet your best friend while he was an addict.

This friend you speak of may have crossed his limits and you may have talked him out of it however he failed to listen. In my opinion, it’s simple truth:- you do not have to stay friends with anyone with whom you don’t want to.

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