Past Souls of Tomorrow

I saw you from afar and my eyes could no longer wander.

I wonder if it was a dream and all that to ponder.

Was it just a chance on how we met?

Two souls who found each other from eternal unrest,

I gave you all I could and more than was needed,

Somewhere and somehow you fell from reality and no longer believed,

Call me crazy for loving a ghost,

A lie so well I was blinded for more,

Keep me reaching and someday I’ll have it,

Love had me in pieces and could never find it,

Darling you tormented me then and even now,

Somehow I could not see until our love went South,

What pains me to see is how we believed it,

Blinded by love, lust and more before we could see it,


It ended years ago and yet, here I am — still thinking of the past. What were you? What was I? What were we? Goodbye, love.

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