Getting Ghosted

I’m thankful I surround myself with friends who are within reach at a moments notice. I try not to take it for granted. However, there are a select few who opt to do their version of the disappearing act. I’m putting it too nicely. Some people you message don’t message back. You get ghosted.

It’s an interesting phenomenon made only more complicated by read receipts and social media statuses. Is this how people treat others now? To ignore them? If that is the case, are they considered friends? You can be understanding and say they could be busy and don’t have the time to reply back. Is this still the case if a few days go by without a reply? What if they tend to ghost on a conversation when it’s convenient for them? You’re left hanging. Worst of all, it’s like you’re talking to wall — no one.

I’m irked, but who wouldn’t. Later world.

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