Oops Didn’t Mean To

Last night, after some fumbling to look for my phone behind the car seat, I managed to accidentally call one of my friends — a girl I dated last year. We’re talking about 4 months ago. Dread came over me as I saw the call connect and heard a familiar hello on the other end. I generally believe hanging up abruptly on someone is a bit rude. Considering the circumstances, I answered back.

Normally, I rarely use my phone to talk. It’s a bit ironic considering it’s original purpose. It’s usually the case now with everyone’s preference for text messaging. Even though its wide use, I don’t like texting. I have a hard time getting my point across usually, much less follow the conversation. I asked myself, “She picked up. What’s the worst that can happen?”

There was a fair bit of small talk to break the ice, but that’s to be expected. We caught up with each other’s lives. Last I saw her, I had steak nachos and she ordered macaroni and cheese. Much to her surprise, my memory is that good. She had a bit of fun quizzing me on what we did and what she wore. I was three for three. I think if you’re going to spend time with someone just the two of you, you ought to remember as much as you can. Seems only the polite thing to do. Everyone deserves full undivided attention free of all digital annoyances.

I’m surprised. I thought she’d be a little irritated to hear from me seeing as how long it’s been. I’ve been wrong before, but this call was welcomed. Just like that, we reconnected. Why can’t it always be this simple?

I call this a “happy accident”. Almost made my night. If there wasn’t some 40 miles of distance to travel, we’d might just hang again.

Later world.

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