Feeling Like a Million

All Well That Ends Well

It’s been a long awful week and month, but the end is near. In the eyes of my co-workers, I might not be human. I suppose if you’re the only one who routinely goes to work an hour earlier than everyone that says something. Yeah, it’s, “I’m fucking busy everyone.” I run up and down the stairs about thirty times a day when some of my co-workers dread a single step. C’mon. It’s just stairs. Sales are way up since the beginning of the year, which is a huge relief to everyone at the office. Trump is working on a trade deal with China finally, which hopefully means no more bullshit tariffs to fuck us over. Good news is rarely heard, but so satisfying when you need it.

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 10.00.04 AM
This is not a miracle. I call it busting ass so my company doesn’t go bankrupt.

When Life Gets in the Way

When I’m heavily stressed, two things are apparent immediately: I look terrible and I have no appetite. Both of which, makes life difficult. My social life was next to nothing, but that’s usually the case if you’re pulling two jobs. The past month, I cancelled on one of my friends — twice. I felt awful about that and apologized repeatedly. I’m glad she’s so forgiving and understanding. As they say, third times the charm. Note to self: make this happen.

Buy Low Sell High

I tend to find some silver lining to every bad month or week. Good things do happen. It’s just when you’re so caught up in the bustle of life, you overlook at the little things. I reinvested more than one-third of my assets into the stock market, bought some mutual funds, and ETFs. All things considered, the major sell off experienced in the beginning of the year is over and there’s no better time to invest than now. You’re essentially buying securities on sale. The only direction the markets are headed now into the year is up. I also opened up a high interest savings account at 2.22% to park my money, which barely misses out on beating the annual inflation of 3%.

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 10.17.55 AM

My friends ask me for advice on investing occasionally. Although, they tell me they’re looking to get into it, I rarely believe them. The same goes for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I teach them everything I know, but they don’t follow through. I don’t think they have the motivation to stash away most of their paycheck every month into something other than a checking account — low risk or not.

6 Months of Waiting

The other day, I went and got my teeth scanned at SmileDirectClub. They offer clear teeth aligners for a fraction of the price you would pay for with Invisalign. We’re talking about $2000 vs. $6000. It’s a stupidly huge difference in price. Funny thing is, my dental insurance covers 80% of the cost of Invisalign, but would mean I would have to wait til next year to get that done. Fuck that. A quick 20 minute scan and I saw all my teeth displayed on the monitor, which was pretty cool actually.

They mail you the aligners in a few weeks and you switch to the next one in the time stated. Truthfully, I’m hyped as fuck to get them in the mail and I can’t wait to check this off my list of goals. They throw in freebies like an at home teeth whitening kit. I gave it a try the other night and it was really fucking dramatic. I dig this and I’m usually not one to get too excited for anything.

In the End

Things are looking up. I’m two for two. Fix eyes: check. Fix teeth: check. My confidence is even higher than before. My mood is back to my chippy self. For that, I’m thankful, grateful, and hope this continues for the rest of the year.

I do me and don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks. Daniel is forever. Later world.




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