Self-Improvement Redux

Last year, I had two goals in mind. Fix my eyes and fix my teeth. Laser eye surgery was more about convenience than an absolute necessity. After wearing glasses since the 6th grade, I got tired of them constantly slipping and getting misplaced. A quick consultation and zero percent financing later, I walked out with 20/20 vision. Shit was incredible and life changing.

Fixing my teeth was more for cosmetic reasons. As my dental hygienist said it best, “your teeth are beautiful.” But that’s not to say they aren’t to my satisfaction. I just finished the last needed procedure before I get my 6 months of retainers and whitening kit. It amazes my friends and my doctors the lengths I go to in the name of self-improvement. But they have only positive things to say. You do you and indeed I do.

All I’m left with is my snake tattoo. Seeing as I how I need to reserve several hours on the weekends and endure a fair bit of pain to complete it, that can wait until life is less hectic.

With every goal I meet, I feel as if nothing is stopping me from what I want in life. I consider these goals fairly small and lead up to my more ambitious goal of owning my own home. Best I can do is stay focused and not get sidetracked with all the little inconveniences life has a way of throwing at me when I least suspect it.

I feel a little blessed I have the means to do everything in a short amount of time. For that, I’ll stay humble. Later world.


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