Of a Memory Past

I find it strange as new opportunities have opened, other ones close with suddenness. I suppose in life there’s only so many avenues you can go. Time and effort is required to keep all bridges, but we’re all running out of time. Like falling grains sand, the last one will fall eventually.

I call this one “Of a Memory Past”. Seems fitting since my thoughts dwell on past-present on most days.

Troubled thoughts of a memories past,

Come forth in the night as if all light was cast,


Shadow days of the lone star sky,

I gaze into the night of another bye,


Since the dawn has set and the rose has welt,

Live for tomorrow and hope we’d met,


Saving grace of the time that’s gone,

No soul was wronged for another song,


Say goodbye my dearest love,

Our times have gone and before we wronged,

I’ll end this song until the next eon,


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