Digital Dusting

We’re all increasing living in a digital world forever connected to the past. I find social media to be the biggest offenders to society. There’s a growing body of research to tie narcissism and lower feelings of life satisfaction the longer you use it, but that’s a discussion for another day. My pet peeve is how it reminds you of people you’re no longer with. I call it the ex that some how lingers — a ghost if you will.

Normally, with any relationship separation, both parties do their due diligence to a scrub the Internet of their once fabled time together. Call it the digital equivalent of tearing up old pictures and letters that remind you of her. We all do it to some extent. However, this isn’t usually the case.

Everything that’s tagged cannot be untagged. I question the motives behind this, but by design, social media is meant to remind you of the past — not all of which is something you want to remember. My pet peeve is this very day several years ago. My ex and I took pics together and although I have repeatedly clicked the option to delete or untag myself, it remains. Every fucking single year.

Facebook is like that friend you somewhat trust and has a tendency to stir up past conflict on a whim. By all accounts, my ex hates me with a passion — still. I’m amazed time hasn’t tempered her hostility, but some level of contempt remains no matter the length of time. All I want is to remove myself from the past. It’s all digital dust to me.

Later world.

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