I Wish I Did

From the moment we met,

I always knew,

That until we die,

There would always be you,

A fleeing bird from the falling rain,

What is love unless there’s pain,

Call me as you see,

Passion, misery, and merrily,

Weak hands tremble from the feelings old,

Wishing and hoping for a story told,

Dearly beloved of the nightfall sky.

Have mercy on my soul til we say goodbye,

Heaven falls from the moment gone,

The track skips once until the ending song,

I don’t say goodbye only a smile will do,

Endlessly wondering where are you,

I made a pass and gone a move,

To see you gone and it be true,

Call it a mistake for what pains we make,

Telling me it was more until it was too late,

What is time if not our side,

Like rising tides that come crashing by,

Some days I wonder what if. But that’s on me for not making a move. Well, fuck me then. Later world.

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