How’s Your Day Going?

All week and month, I’ve haven’t had a minute to myself. To relax, to unwind, to chill, all of the above. I don’t even care what day it is anymore. It’s all feeling the same. I’m busy, but in the words of my illustrious uncle, “It’s good to be busy.” Indeed it is. If all goes according to plan, I’ll firmly push myself up into the next tax bracket for the first time. It’s an amazing accomplishment all things considered. Last year was good, but this year will be great. I can feel all the pieces falling into place. It gives a lot of relief when you see your work pay off. What’s really there to stop me?

Somehow, we made a miraculous turn around at the office. Orders are coming in at an alarming rate, which is a small lifeline for our dire financial situation. I’m trying to keep the momentum going well into the mid-year. We’ll peak and soon have a slow decline into winter. It’s funny how I’m already writing about June and July, when it’s the middle of February. There’s a certain level of optimism needed to face the world, the challenge, the race to no finish line. If anything, it keeps you from drowning in stress and all other vices life has a way of feeding you.

I have a business meeting coming up as I write this. I think my friends think I’m crazy for being so caught up in work and trying to make it in the world. I think my priorities are in line. It’s not to say it they don’t change year after year. Some weeks, I question my motives, as if there was another reason I’m not fully addressing. Does it matter? Goals and personal attainment come from many reasons. I only need mines to be valid. I do it for myself and everyone else can just watch me. Not everyone will agree or give kind words of support. Who cares. It’s my life.

I’ve cared less and less about opinions as time passes. I do listen to what everyone tells me, concerns and all. But it feels like a burden usually. You tend to not agree a lot of the time, much less think they know where you’re coming from. Online, I’m just a guy with a blog who writes frequently all the thoughts he has. In reality, I’m just another fish in the sea. A ant of many. Somewhere along the line of others, I’m not trying to make myself known. What good is fame and notoriety if friends and family aren’t around. I feel it’s best to give back to those you’re closest with. Give everyone you care about all the time and attention life allows. Who am I without them?

It’s been an interesting day. Later world.




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