Drinking Ain’t So Bad

I’ve had some mixed feelings about alcohol. Drink a little and you tend to feel great and relaxed. Drink too much and you’re a shell of a person free from all the inhibitions that keep you orderly. You rage — as some would say. It’s a fine line between two ends of the spectrum. I think my best friend embodies this the best.

We hangout every Friday and the weekend like clockwork. A drink or two is usually on the agenda regardless of the location. I’m not opposed to it. What else do guys do when they’re out socializing? He’s someone with a fair bit going on. I call it life coming down on him and hard. It’s terrible at times, but I know since we and the others are around, he cannot fail. We’re the support group and he knows.

Once he has a few beers, his mood changes. Gone are all the pessimistic comments about life, goals and dreams that would otherwise be a Debbie downer on the night. Just like that, he’s more at ease with the world and unfiltered raw happiness comes through once again. I think it’s the only time we can candidly talk about more serious topics without causing a commotion. Sweet lady courage works wonders on the less than optimistic. For those few short hours, he’s a different person. Someone I don’t see that often. Like night and day. And all for what. A beer. For this, I’ll gladly get drunk with him.

Later world.

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