I look upon star of the darkness hour,

Of loneliest days of shivery coward,

From the nights I stand alone,

Wandering a coast til I find the home,

Mercy prays on the lonely hearts,

From cards of a hands that part,

There’s not a words to describe the feeling,

Wondering and wishing if there’s a meaning,

What am I in the entire world,

Crossed into the path not yet told,

Call for me until the early morning,

The clouds call forth sometimes pouring,

I feel not love or other feelings,

Such a meaning wished upon my being,

I’m just another soul of the earth we left,

Wondering til the winter since we met,

Is it more than what eyes can see,

Cascading waves of turbulent seas,

Cast upon the boat alone of the ocean coast,

Many call a one man ship as just a boat,

What am I forth what I know,

Times against us in the eternity cove,

Alone we walk and alone we talk,

Save me now for the the feelings sought,

I dream through feelings of the times we seen,

Saving me from the existence and all that’s being,

My dearest love of the dreams that’s gone,

Why or where have we wronged,

I been searching upon the lone star,

Times since gone yet I wonder where you are,

My thoughts dwell on the minutes of before,

Forever blinded by love that’s since gone

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