It’s Your Body

I’ve held the same opinion on a woman’s right to have an abortion since forever — it’s her body. She gets to do whatever she wants in private. No one has control over her and laws or rules prohibiting a person’s freedom is completely dystopian. Add in the religious far right who believe they’re doing it in the name of Christ and you have a cluster fuck of stupid going around.

In community college, occasionally I’d meet those anti-abortion sign holders with the graphic pictures of aborted fetuses. I call that shock value more than advocating for a certain belief. The idea is there, but their approach makes me sick. Not everyone who wants an abortion does it for the same reason. Having a ban on it does more harm than good. You tend to hear about those risky and dangerous back alley abortions that end up with women dead. Desperate times call for desperate measures. But no one should resort to this.

My perspective comes mainly from my sister, who’s 23. If she got pregnant now, how would her life turn out? Not fucking good. She doesn’t have a stable job, is still finishing college, has other priorities on her mind that don’t involve babies, and above all, is working on herself. What she wants I have no say. I’m just here to support her, just like everyone else should be.

I can understand where some people are coming from though. The argument is: you’re ending an innocent person’s life. Right. Maybe. Much like there’s responsibility involved in having sex, there’s a bigger responsibility bring up a baby into this world. Not every is ready or has the means to raise a child. Anyone who says otherwise is just not seeing the whole picture. Its every mother or fathers personal responsibility to give a child its best chance of success. Without the proper environment, income, support, etc. it would be a disservice to their offspring to have to suffer with them.

Plans change greatly when a baby is on the way. Anyone in the process of completing their education would halt plans their immediately. Timing is everything. Making sure you fulfilled you own personal needs should always be the main priority. If the timing is not there or an unexpected pregnancy jeopardizes a woman’s goals, then by all means, have an abortion. A man should have no say in the matter. Anybody objecting to the idea is just selfish. It’s selfish to impose what you want over someone. There’s no a single male on Earth can speak for how much is involved in carrying a baby for nine months. I think all guys would lose their shit if for 9 months they lost control of their body. For this reason, let women do as they please, when they want, and how they want.

Later world.


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