Of Times and More

Why is it just a dream,

An imagination run wild,

Call it what you will,

A want that can’t be real,

Was it only for a tease,

Some call it a fling,


Come with me into the night,

A hand for mines to hold,

Into the darkness we go,

Alone with our thoughts and more,

Haven’t we gone before?

A silence that’s deafening,

My eyes see just of you,

What more can I do?

Is the summer not upon us?

Like rays for the ages,

Has all since frozen over,

Since the time I’ve known you,

What is it you speak?

Eyes like amber and misery,

To feel these and more,

Yet boundless by an eternity,

Call me hopeless and more,

A soul without its wings,

Like diamonds of the merry ring,

I can’t wait for this years spring,

What is it you’re searching?

Love nor affection or more,

Can it be just a feeling,

Cascading into the ocean floor,

Was the water not blue since past,

Ripping through the tides that crashed,

You left me without a choice,

Feeling unrelentless and more,

My mind of is of you,

Angel wings that times ignored,

Some day we’ll all be gone,

Like memories and that since dawn,

I can’t bare the thought no more,

Loving you of times like yours

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