I Am Me

I had an interesting chat with my dentist today. In the chaos of all the drilling, scraping, and high frequency sounds, he asked how I’ve been since the last time I was here. So, I told him all the “upgrades” I’ve done since then.

  • Laser eye surgery
  • Two tattoos
  • Two incomes
  • Etc.

He found it amazing I’m someone to go out of his way to spend so much on myself — all in the name of self-improvement. The best thing I heard was, “Dude, it’s sick you’re working on yourself.” He’s a young guy. It kind of shook me a bit to hear him say that. He remembered I told him what my goals were last year and I followed through with each one. I guess you can say it is unusual and an accomplishment in it itself.

I’ve always told myself I should do as I please without second guessing myself. It’s my life after all and I shouldn’t worry what anyone thinks or believes. If they don’t like it, then who cares. I can’t expect everyone to support everything I do. You’re bound to have a few haters in the mix. I am me. I do what I want. You can hate it or love it.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten was, “Don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re bound to be disappointed.” I think it’s true. Life has a way of throwing too much at you. Before you know it, a few series of misfortunes overshadows the prior successes and happiness it brought. Shit happens, but it’s better overall if you know where you’re coming from. It’s been an interesting ride the past several years. It feels like every couple years I’m going out of my way to reinvent myself. I’m searching for how to define myself as an individual. Some years are more difficult than others. Some days I fall back on old habits. Overall, I’m headed up, closer to the stars and moon.

Worst I can do is stay still. Just try and stop me. I don’t have a finish line and I’ve stopped caring about the destination. I’m enjoying the journey of life how I want. And you know what? It feels great. Wish everyone else could too. Later world.

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