Impending Doom

Finances at my current company aren’t going so well — hugest understatement of the past several weeks. It’s amazing considering how well we did last year. We went from 1 million in sales to 3 million the following year. Somehow, in the eyes of the owner, this called for rapid expansion as they say. We quickly opened up two other branches — one in Texas, another in Georgia. To some, that’s an achievement. Internally, it was ill advised.

My current office is the model branch. We get everything done on time and all procedures are followed to a T. Rules are established and everything is based off of them. I can’t say the same for the three other offices. Everything is a mess and we’re burning through $200,000 a month. I was told this in private a couple weeks ago and I’ve haven’t felt at ease ever since. We’re spending more money than is coming in and fast.

What’s a person to do knowing all this internal information? For one, it’s stressing me out everyday and most of the night. I feel through the actions of a few members of upper management, my past efforts have been greatly diminished. Add in the new tariffs imposed by our illustrious orange President, we’re on a sinking boat in need of rescue.

I’ve hammered out extra hours all week, but no one is buying from our online channels. The tariffs caused us to react hastily with a 30% price increase, which acted to push away any would-be shoppers. This was and is a disastrous mistake helped pushed forward by fear and uncertainty. If it were up to me, we would of cut costs left and right, never opened up two additional branches, and continued to sell at the same price we did all of last year.

It’s not like I haven’t voiced my concerns early on. I have and did and tried. It’s the usual case when you voice opposition amongst the higher ups. You fall on deaf ears. For two months, we’ve sold nothing. I’m beyond stressed, very worried, and don’t see a magical turn around unless drastic measures are taken.

2019 might be a rough year. I’ll just have to wait and see. Perhaps finding ways of better dealing with stress should be my priority. I’m labeled “director of e-commerce” and it comes with the territory. All I’m looking forward to this week is days of sweet calming rain and perhaps a few glasses of wine while I’m at it.

So long. Fair well. Later world.

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