She Didn’t Recognize Me 2/3/2019

Friends come and go with time — even ones you use to be close with. While I was at my usual coffee spot slaving away in front of a computer, I saw from her from the corner of my eye. We used to be classmates in photography class way back in 2010 and met up for coffee several times before. Petes, Intelligentsia, etc. All the hipster places two would-be photographers go for coffee. That time seems like an eternity ago. I remember she took some of the most impressive pictures out of everyone in class. There was a distinctive style and framing to her work — and it showed. She dressed to the nines and once told me she wore nothing but Diesel. I guess she’s worth it. Ha.

We kept in touch until 2014 when all contact seemed to stop. We made brief eye contact and she didn’t recognize me. It’s funny how time does that. Sure, there are the usual social media channels to keep up with everyone is doing, but I’m inclined to believe it trivializes people’s relationships. A post on someone’s wall or a wave in messenger doesn’t have the same meaning or impact. I’ve bumped into enough people where I could tell they know it’s me, but don’t bother to acknowledge I’m there.

I’ve had people ghost me on text, so I guess it’s a thing now. I don’t know what the deal is, but it all seems a bit rude. I see this usually with old co-workers after I left for a different job. Are they mad? Are they jealous? Does it come off as betrayal? It’s likely one of those reasons. I like to think I’m pretty understanding. Guess I’m not worth their time or there’s other things occupying their day.

Why is that?

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