My Heart Stopped

Dearest love of a time once ago,

Who would have knew it was all a lie — an illusion that encompassed us all. A story for the ages and sonnet for the season. You came that faithful day like a dove returning from a trip. I saw you once again and my heart just stopped. I could not say a thing nor utter a word. Just silence. You were a ghost — different than I remembered. To live and long — yet see you once again. Your presence was there, but the feelings were gone. Call it a tragedy or an unforgivable loss. Somewhere along my home away from home, you’ve all but disappeared. I looked upon your face and gazed into those eyes and knew it wasn’t you. Someone who meant the world, but felt not the same for me.

What is love? A crazy emotion for wants and desires. Selfish and unrelenting. A cold for the soul. An addition for the mind. It shocked me to see you and I knew you moved on. There was once a time where all that mattered was us — you and me, she and him, two souls that fell for each other. Isn’t that unusual. To fall for each other so quickly and have it all mean nothing. I could feel the tension, the feelings that swayed, a passing glance and no longer a gaze. I couldn’t see it then and perhaps I only realize it now. We were never meant to be and I hope you don’t either.

Say it ain’t so.



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