I Was Hammered 1/31/2019

Last night, I got hammered — which is an understatement. My best friend and I have been feuding, which usually calls for a drink — or three. I’m just bummed the usual sushi place we go to didn’t have wine. That’s the great thing about my close group of friends, we don’t stay mad at each other for too long. We kick it, have a drink, and put that behind us. Regardless if we agree or agree to disagree. Twelve years of friendship summed up into one sentence.

While we were talking, he said something quite moving.

“People don’t usually change. Look at yourself. You have the same personality since we met, just with better habits.”

It got me thinking. Somehow, he was right. I’m still the same person as we met, just with a few minor improvements. Because of this, it’s one of the ways our friendship stands the test of time. We are alike in that way — a group of guys who share similar personalities. While the goals and motivations have change, at the core of everyone of us is fixed — we stay grounded.


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