Self Fear

I can’t say I fear anything at this point of my life. I’ve long since gotten over my irrational fear of heights and now I’m practically immune to it. It took a while, but I welcome stairs and the occasional escalator. However, if anyone goes out of their way to startle me, you’re a fucking asshole. Cheap thrills at the cost of the other person says a lot about their character.

I’ve come to realize much of what holds you back is fear in many respects. Fear of rejection, fear of failing, fear of not living up to expectations, etc. It’s all around you whether or not it’s obvious. It’s the invisible barrier than keeps you to your knees. I’ve always pride myself on being open and honest when with everyone, and having the benefit of letting my true self show. I’ll happily tell anyone who cares my issues along with successes if they find it inspirational. In that way, I leave nothing on the table. It’s satisfying for myself. I am an open book. If by some reason I leave this Earth prematurely, everyone knows the whole me and the real me. I have no masks or faces to hide behind. It gives a lot of relief.

Co-workers and friends alike have asked me, what do I do about jealousy. My typical response is it stems from deep rooted self-consciousness. A man who is jealous is not where he wants to be in life. I’d be hard pressed to find a better rebuttal. Striving to become the very best you and overcoming every obstacle removes jealousy. You can become untouchable.

You’re romantically involved with a woman and somehow you’re jealous of other people she socializes with. Truthfully, you see them as a threat — perhaps she might be taken from you or have the idea of breaking it off. Most guys should ask themselves if this is rational. True love is unbreakable to some degree. If your know who you are and where you stand, it shouldn’t be an issue. Guys don’t like to hear this, but your lady obviously has friends — some of whom are male. Get over it.

That’s not to say you don’t have to stand your ground and make it be known. She and you are one. Anyone who goes out of their way to “home wreck” or jeopardizes the life you two share should be dealt with. Make it be known, she’s with you and there’s no room for any exceptions.

Love is special and practically undefinable. Let the audience and her know is just you and her. Everyone else can sit and watch it unfold.

Later world.

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