Danny vs. Daniel

I tend to view myself as two people of the same self. There’s who I was versus who I want to be. Essentially, Daniel vs. Danny.

To some, this makes no sense. Now let me explain. Danny parties hard, gave no fucks about consequences, and had a disregard for the well-being of others and himself. Shocking, I know. Daniel more or less has his shit together. He’s ambitious, driven, motivated, and had a clear understanding for what his future holds. Many friends and coworkers admire this person. Some fear it with a bit of apprehension and intimidation. So be it.

You can say, Danny aspires to be like Daniel. Call it Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hide or the angel on a shoulder vs. the devil on other. For quite some time, Daniel has won over Danny. Amazing — yet terrifying to think about. Somehow, there are two conflicting persons within in the same body.

As they say, old habits die hard. The old life is just that, who I was. You can say, for the time being, it’s been a battle against the other half. As if this wasn’t a source of contention among the host body. Believe me, it is.

Most who get a glimpse of the other half feel the savagery it encompasses. Be warned, proceed with caution. Best I can do is keep it under check. Everyone is fighting with their former self. I’m no stranger to it. If you get offended, I’m sincerely sorry you’ve had to experience it.

Later world. Danny out.

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