Second Job? 1/21/2019

An old friend and co-worker of mine reached out to me the other day about doing marketing for his company. I’m quite flattered by this. I haven’t worked with him in over a year and somehow I am his first pick for the position. It’s more or less what I do at my current job — e-commerce, which I dig. If our schedules align and come to an agreement, I’ll me making a cool 75% more every month.

This by no means will be easy. I haven’t had 2 jobs since my senior year of college and I did not enjoy that the least bit. I like to think time management is only a small part of juggling two jobs. Finding ways not to burn yourself out is the main concern. I’ll spend twice as many hours sitting in front of a computer. With that, even less of a social life and time to myself. This I dread.

I asked the guys this and everyone was saying to go for it. Money is money as they say. I suppose in their eyes, it is enticing. Frankly, I don’t spend much and this all goes straight into the “I’m Trying to Buy a House” fund. It’s not like I can reap the fruits of my labor with extra cash flow just like that.

A big part of my goals this year was paying off debt — mainly the remaining balance on my student loan. This second job will make it happen quick, but at what cost? God damn it. Opportunity arises and I can’t just take it with open arms.

Later world.

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