Bitterness, Resentment & Aggression

Some people are bitter. Extremely bitter. I tend to see this a lot and ask myself, why and why so long? If all you know is anger, I find that very troubling and would almost feel sorry for you if this is your life. Take unhappy relationships as an example. Two people who are together ought to be happy. A certain few are not.

In my experience, it stems from a lack of communication and candidness in expressing your thoughts or feelings. Battles are about winning rather than trouble solving and coming to an agreement. How sad.

I suppose after several years of no resolution and open communication, all hope can be lost. How would anyone solve years of problems just by talking? It doesn’t seem possible and highly unlikely. Add backstabbing and gossip to the mix and you’re essentially doomed.

Some like to bring back past arguments to add fuel to their anger and resentment. It’s one of those tactics that ends up reaching a fever point. You’d think after letting time take its course, the fire would burn out, but no. It reignites with higher intensity and destruction.

Realistically, if it’s ever this bad, the best course is to just separate and divorce. Why go on living being bitter? You’re only doing yourself more harm the longer you’re like this. You have one life and precious time is being wasted.

My parents hate each other and I don’t feel sorry for them.

Later world.

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