Stand By Me 1/16/2019

For quite some time, you’re all I could ever think about. Some call it love, but who really knows what that means. It’s an addiction of the greatest magnitude — an ambiguous four lettered word we tend to throw around too often. To long, to love, to want — it all seems a bit selfish. Some days, I wondered and pondered what are we and what the future entails. To look off into the distance and know that you could be there — waiting.

I waited for you all those years and somehow, here we were — standing on the coast without a worry or bother. Such bliss. The skies were blue and the water cold. And for what? Just another day with two lives intertwined. Some call it at the hip. What an unusual thing to say. I loved the new experiences we had. All that is new is terribly exciting for me.

You couldn’t possibly leave me out of your sight. Not even for just a minute or second. I wondered about this a lot. Why am I the center of attention? It was too soon and early for how short we known each other. I had my suspicions, but how could I ever ask you to peel back more layers just like that.

What we were is just that — past tense. You came and gone. With not so much as a good-bye. You knew one side of me — loved it deeply and couldn’t bare the other half. I’m surprised you ever loved me. What am I? What we’re? Two people who ran into each other.

I didn’t miss you then and I hope you don’t now.

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