Catch Me

In many ways, we’re running from the past. You’re escaping yourself, who you were and chasing who you want to be. The road ahead isn’t all clear, yet you keep going nonetheless. I like to think everything you did up to this point lead you to this moment of time — just some of it was less than perfect. You tend to be alone majority of the time. People don’t understand your motivations and aren’t great at perspective taking. Why would they. Usually, they’ll already have their preconceived notions about you before they get to know you. All you’re trying to do is explain it. Don’t expect them to listen. Most are terrible listeners.

Here you are — running from yourself. I can’t say it’s all in darkness. There’s a bit of light to be found. Anyone with some idea of who they want to be would have some. All you need is an idea. You can’t plan for everything, but that’s all you need. Just a thought. Ask yourself what you want. Some wants aren’t needed though. There’s a difference from what you want and what you need. Everyone tends to want more than they need. I hear this a lot especially with friends and co-workers. I can see why so many live a life of excess and not feel complete or fulfilled in any meaningful way.

If you remember who you were, moving forward is worlds easier. It’s funny. My friends tell me to forget the past, which I take with some offense. To forget — what a stupid thing to say. At least by remembering, you’ll try to not fall and make the same mistakes that held you back in the first place. It’s all about progression and I can’t see how forgetting makes this a possibly.

Some call this staying grounded. I see it as running from yourself. If you don’t know who you were, I think you’ll have a long difficult road ahead of you in life. Best I can do is keep going forward and I’ll be hard pressed to think otherwise.

Life — I’m just living it. I don’t want to keep looking back.

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