She Left Her Things 1/15/2019

It’s a familiar sight. Your friend was seeing a girl and now they’ve broken up — or she broke up with him for that matter. He’s hurt, heartbroken, and in a lot of pain. Somehow under all those conflicting emotions, anger presents itself. Sheer unfiltered anger. There’s a lot of “guy talk” once you’re there to support your friends in their moments of sadness — much of which can’t be said online in a journal entry.

“Fuck that b-tch.”

I hear that one a lot and it bothers me. Not so much the combination of words, but how quickly you tend to hear it. I think a lot of guys lean towards anger than showing how sad they are — which is usually the case. It’s easier to be angry than sad, but I know anger is just a mask to hide from. Depending on the duration of their relationship, it could be months or a few years they were together.

Somehow, in an instant, it all goes away and she means nothing to him. I’ve always felt this is the wrong approach to handling a breakup. You spent all that time together building memories and new experiences, and now you want it to throw it all away. For all the effort needed in a relationship, it doesn’t seem like wanting to forget it all makes much sense.

Pictures were taken together, videos were recorded, all of which is usually shared online on social media. I can understand taking all of that down for the sake of giving the right impression, yet, it’s not usually the case. I have all the pictures and videos from all my previous relationships stored away on the cloud. To delete them would be like removing part of my life. I might not look at them too frequently, but a few smiles come when I do. I think that priceless.

I truthfully think no matter how much one of my friends tell me they’ve gotten completely over their ex, that’s all talk. I’m sure at some point, a memory of her sneaks into his mind and past memories flood his head again. I can admit this to be true. What makes them any different? I have one friend who refuses to go one city in particular just because of the chance he’ll get triggered. How silly. At least you know your brain is working as intended.

The way I see it, she may no longer take up all the room in your heart, but a few of her possessions remain.

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