Disappearing Act 1/11/2019

I haven’t seen you for several years and I wonder how you’re doing. You were never a fan of social media — in fact, you loathed it. Seems only fitting I wouldn’t find a trace of a Facebook or Instagram profile. It’s a remarkable accomplishment to be able to so throughly scrub yourself from the online world.

I drive through your home town on some weeks. It’s calm, serene, and full of cats. Your’s always snarled at me. I see that familiar street name from time to time and often wonder if you’d still be living there. Of course, I’ll never know. You came, you gone, and all I’m left with is wondering.

You let me go without so much as an angry text or phone call. It was my wake up call. I wish you saw me now, but what do I know. You’re a ghost. Thanks. I needed that.

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