All to Ponder

There is something I’ve always wanted to ask you,

A question I often pondered,

It’s comes from the heart,

Yet I fear you to answer,

I think you feel the same,

But my mind is not certain,

I wish I knew right now,

Yet I can never be sure,

Is it all that I am hoping,

For you to feel the same,

Can I really hear you say it?

For it us to remain,

Call it my fears,

The anxiousness inside,

To have these feelings,

Yet wish you’re by my side,

Was the waves not crashing?

Or oceans of blue?

Could you really see me?

Drifting and wandering — alone in the blue,

I cast ashore on the beach,

With the sand between my feet,

Is there not room for another?

Someone here beside me?

Was this not an island?

A place for two?

While I wait for you to return

I’ll gaze up at the moon,

Have you seen it in the night?

That heavenly glow,

It reminds me of another,

Someone — just you,

Am I here to ponder

What are we to do?

I’ve been longing to tell you,

And I wish you did too,

To say that I love you,

And I wish you did too.

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