One 1/8/2018

“If there’s just person who knows what makes you tick, life’s alright.”

You can say, a lot of people won’t completely understand you or know where you’re coming from. And that’s alright. You can’t expect everyone to see the bigger picture of have an in depth look into your life. We have have many faces — or masks and just a few see more than one side of you. Much like the moon, you only see the bright side and never the dark side just behind it. As much joy as a full moon brights to the night sky, it’s not the full picture.

Everyone has a clock that ticks everyday. Somedays it’s slower. Some days it’s off. Other times, it stops ticking completely. Everyone has little pieces that make them tick. I try to focus on the more on the direction time goes and not so much the little gears. A broken clock is right twice a day after all.

Later world.


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