Existing 1/6/2019

You’re brought into this world young and naive not realizing the perils of what it means to exist. Emotions consume you every day. People come and go with each passing year. Many you miss, some you don’t.

You get older and mature. Somehow you have to be ready to take on the world. You try to surround yourself who care about you — love even. Some do, but some don’t. You keep trying nonetheless. The world is open ended and you’re the lone navigator.

It’s an ocean of people, places you’ve traveled, experiences you’ve felt, and all in front of you. It’s a journey. You find your own path among the currents and many seas. Drifting on a boat, a raft, or a ship.

There are challenges with each day, week, or year. Some bring you to your knees. Some you can’t apologise for. People fall from grace. Actions have consequences and yet you strive to be the very best you. Not everyone does though. Problems manifest in many forms and not everyone wants a solution. Yet, they continue forward.

We’re just one of a many billions in this world. Like many ants at the mercy of the elements. What makes us any different?

Does this not overwhelm people to think?

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