Should I 1/3/2019

“Should I write less often so you won’t get tired of me? Or should I write more often so you won’t forget me?”

It’s a difficult task to keep in touch with someone. I wish it wasn’t so.

Should I say that I love you?

Should I dare say it so?

Is there a reason?

For the times I let you go?


Is there not a day where time stands still?

For the seasons come and I’m wishing for more?

Did the skies turn gold and the sunsets of rose?

All wishing I could say I loved you — no.


Did the tides come back of the ocean coast?

Did the water not turn blue like the currents told?

I loved you.

Yet none shall know — what the hearts says like starlight’s glow


You missed me from times ago,

Like the shadows and the darkest lows,

Of the summers that has gone and go,

I wish you know I loved you so,


Dearly beloved of the merriest rose,

You’re sweet and soulful to the depths of coves,

Like ocean waves of the cities we met before,

I wish I could say how I loved you so,

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