Only So Much 1/2/2019

“There’s only so much you can do for someone before they must walk the path less traveled — alone.”

  • Save others who can’t save themselves
  • Don’t always tell them what they want to hear
  • Give time to those who are deserving of yours
  • Listen — and intently
  • Motives defined by altruism bring inner peace
  • Intrinsic values over extrinsic values
  • Build relationships through bonding
  • Remember to make time for those you love
  • Define yourself by your actions towards others
  • You are not all high and mighty — stay humble
  • Do not fear failing — it is inevitable
  • Think before you act
  • Shut the fuck up — you don’t always need a reply
  • Learn to love yourself before loving others
  • Self-forgiveness is central to inner peace
  • You are only human — expect shit to happen
  • Surround yourself with those who love you
  • Ignore those who cause turmoil
  • No life is completely happy all the the time
  • Good habits do not come easy — keep trying
  • You will always miss those who are gone
  • It’s your life — live it how you see fit
  • Blood family is not always your true family
  • Hate is not an attractive quality — avoid it
  • Find ways to relax — you’re fucking terrible at it
  • Speak up — even if you’re the lone wolf
  • Worry less about how long you live — it what you do in life that matters
  • Sincerity is paramount
  • Stop to smell the roses
  • Words don’t define the man, your actions do
  • Hug a little longer — you never know when you’ll see them again
  • Just say it — the worst she can say is no
  • Don’t always search for meaning — often there is none
  • You live to grow and change — remember that
  • Success is not measured in numbers
  • Make your dreams into reality — add fuel to the fire
  • Some people have to hit rock bottom before they find the light
  • Search your feelings — you know yourself better than anyone
  • Don’t fear commitment — you’ll face it eventually
  • Past failures do not define you — what matters is now
  • Mistakes will be made — own up to them
  • Alone time is essential for personal growth
  • You can have it all and still feel empty
  • Go back to basics — a life of excess is chaotic
  • Give, but expect nothing in return
  • It’s not polite to talk about yourself
  • Stay grounded by remembering where you come from

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