Are You… 1/1/2019

You’re running in my mind

Racing through my heart,

Jump into the waters,

Let the currents flow deeper,

Is it a dream for the ages?

Can it really be you?

I sense the torment within,

Beating beating for an end,

Is it love for a story or music for the soul?

Can we hold on longer and dream without a fear?

I look into your eyes,

The warmest of summer,

What is it your searching?

Deeper deeper within,

I held on a little longer,

The clock ticks passed 12,

The sounds of the coldest evening,

Howling in night,

I listen for your voice,

It’s a symphony or more,

I watch as we ponder,

What we are for meaning,

It’s a song like no other,

Two souls alone,

Fearing for the future,

Yet searching for a reason,

I’ve been longing for another,

The angel of my dreams,

The wings into the heavens,

Come reaching down for me,

Can our feelings run deeper,

Flowing from within,

Can she really be searching?

Two lost souls with a grievance


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