Reminding Yourself

With 2019 just mere days away, I’m trying my best to make goals and plan out the year according. It’s practically impossible seeing as how opened ended next year can be, but that’s what makes it exciting. Speaking of excitement, I finally get my car back from the shop after being involved in an accident.

The downside is the lady is not cooperating anymore and in all likelihood, this will have to be handled in small claims court. I’m only minorly annoyed there are people who can be so dismissive and not take responsibility for their actions. I’ve given her a month to make this right, but now I’m just irritated. The upside is I get to dress in a full suit and tie in a few months at my court hearing and my boss is nice enough to let me miss half a day to get this settled. Sweet.

Little things tend to make what otherwise was a stellar year less great. I think it’s only natural we fixate on the negatives and have it bring you down. It’s hard not to, but a friendly reminder might help. The year can’t all be bad afterall. I saw this post on Facebook to write a note everytime something good happens and throw it into a jar so you can read what an amazing year you you had. This idea is pretty fucking cool and I’m totally going to do it with a few alterations done my way.

Sometimes I do need a reminder to let things go and focus on the bigger picture. Most issues or annoyances can be fixed without much effort. There’s always those weeks where shit really seems to hit the ceiling without an end in sight, but that’s just that — a series of unfortunate events.

Realistically, you can never be certain what the future holds even if you plan to every little detail. Parts of life are out of your control and you’re bound to have a few bad days and bad apples. Some people you meet might make you lose your mind or worst, people in your family let you down. You might fall short, miss out on reaching a goal, or simply fail at something you gave your all. It doesn’t deter me the least bit and shouldn’t anyone else for the matter. All that’s good would be dull and uninteresting. A few sad moments are necessary and this is coming from someone who’s pretty optimistic.

I think if I approach next year with the same mindset I have now, everything tends to work out more or less. Might not be perfect, but who really wants that? I’m just being realistic.

There are things that happen everyday that genuinely concern me. Our nation is under the control of a man who has no idea how to be President, the stock market is down, the recession is coming, and there’s an ever growing problem with women being victims of sexual assult. Shit bugs me just reading about it and you can’t help but wonder how it managed to get this bad. It’s the world we live in. Imperfect and on the verge of civil discourse.

I believe 2019 will be a great one — the best one yet. Hopefully, I can see all the people I want to see and share in the moment with them. People tend to say the year is ending, but it doesn’t. Nothing ends. Just because the date changes doesn’t mean you have to treat any day differently. Lives move in only one direction — forward. With that, I’m ready to continue journeying, some days lost, some days adrift, some days stormy, but usually with a bright blue sky out at sea.

Later world.

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