What is perfection?

No one is perfect and anyone who’s looking for it will surely be disappointed. Everyone is different and flawed in their own way. Sometimes it’s a quirk they have, an annoying behavior that rubs you the wrong way, or something lacking that’s only obvious to you. Someone can be 99% of what you’re looking for, but the 1% shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.


Me personally, I think it’s best to not fixate on someone’s flaws too deeply. You yourself is far from perfection, and holding them to such a high standard is a recipe for disaster — or just plain egotism. People change all the time and it’s the nature of living — we’re in constant motion and with that, comes changes — some not all desired. Minor annoyances are only that — minor. Seeing them as a whole means more than the individual pieces. Fixation on the small only tends to make them bigger than it seems. Who cares really? It’s really just you in that regard.

You see people as you want to see them — perception is everything and you’re the audience. I tend to only focus on the positives in people — which I believe is the best way to build relationships. If they don’t have any catastrophic dealbreakers, then it’s best to not use it against them. All my friends and family have it where it counts — they’re good natured, caring, and dependable when I need them. That’s all I’m looking for and that’s just fine.

Perfection doesn’t exist and is overrated at best. Later world.

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