Something Something Xmas

Christmas is finally here. I see all my friends the previous days leading up to the 25th scrambling to buy everyone presents and fighting the crowds of people at the mall for gifts. It’s interesting to see how much everyone puts emphasis on presents and other material things. It’s the nature of our culture — materialism. There’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and whatever holiday sale the store tries to lure you in with, but it’s all just things. I wish there wasn’t so much emphasis on objects, when having all your friends and family in one place is the real reason to celebrate.

Not everyone’s Christmas are the ones you hear or see in television commercials and advertising. Around here, a white Christmas is next to impossible unless you’re nearby the mountains. I find the holidays to never be like what you see the movies or ads — it’s far from the reality. Often, it’s stressful, time consuming, and tiring for everyone. For just a few days, it’s a real effort and a large cumulation of events leading up to it all. Getting a gift brings a lot of joy and excitement. However, it shouldn’t be the main purpose.

Yesterday, I got to have dim sum with my family and see my beloved Grandma. She’s probably more excited than anyone else to see the entire family together. I love that about her actually. If you live to be as old as her, that’s all that brings her happiness.

The same day, I went over to Garza’s and had lunch with him and his family. The food was great and the setting was festive. It’s rare to have us all together and I don’t take these rare moments lightly. The gangs all here and that’s just great.

Today was Christmas — finally. I spent the entire day with my sister’s boyfriend’s family like we do every year. They treat me just like family and are always glad to see me around. It’s really something else. To be surrounded with famliar faces and share in the festivities. Children are running around, the adults are cracking jokes, and I enjoy just taking it all in. It’s beautiful to see and it’s beautiful to experience.

There’s this one baby my sis absolutely adores and she’s an absolute cutie. Kids find getting gifts with such excitement and the look they have always gets to me. Pure unadulterated joy.

At the end of the year, I get to spend time with three families — all with their own special way of celebrating Christmas and the holidays. It’s unique. I love all of them for just who they are in their special way. I haven’t stopped smiling all day the past few days. This means a lot to me, more so than anything else life has to offer. I’m thankful, grateful, and glad to feel loved. Christmas is wonderful and I’m without words.

I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world. This is priceless.

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