Once Was…

I gaze across the meadow of everglades,

Flowers as far the eye can see,

That girl from a thousands moons — gone and came,

Starstruck by her beauty and the country sea,

She left my side and away from dreams,

Take me back to the summer that was long ago,

Ride into the sunset that has yet to go,

Her voice has gone yet the howl of an echo stays,

Tormenting the soul that yearns for more,


Reach into the past and hold on for time,

Laughter, hugs, the feelings were mine,

I missed the smile of a thousand rose,

The road that was walked — hands to hold,


My dearly beloved, the ocean is vast,

I set forth in searching without a path,

Into the darkness and the seven seas,

Castaway on an island without you and me,

On the loneliness of night, we gaze into the moon,

Bright and glowing until gone too soon,

Stars in the skies tell no lies,

Yet the heart tells truths no matter the tide,


I can hear your voice til time will end,

Hoping and wishing for you again,

Believe me then and believe me now,

I wonder where you are so hear me call,


I’m sick with love and butterflies within,

Humming and flying for you again,

You’ve all since said bye and for that we’ll cry,

For the time that was just you and I

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