Adrift with Anger

In times of distress, humans gravitate towards anger more than sadness — at least with men. Of all the emotional states we face, anger is my least favorite and desirable. The saying goes, “shit happens” but being angry is a slippery slope. It fills you with resentment and quickly cascades into uncontrollable rage. Truthfully, there are times you should be angry. Maybe the at the feeling of betrayal or the sting you face at an unfaithful partner, but the best course of action is to walk away. Two people in the heat of the moment will say anything on their mind to win — if there even is a victory to be sought. It’s a waste of energy and not worth the elevated blood pressure.

For as long as you exist, there will be bad actors out there will hurt you and not have your best interests in mind. It’s a fact of life. Tread with caution since what you say cannot always be forgiven later. Some times it’s best to shut up and take the road less traveled. Those who don’t give you their time is undeserving of yours and is not worth being a part of.

I’ve always thought of life on a boat in the middle of the ocean. When you set voyage, all your friends and family are on board. Along the way, you meet others drifting at sea, but you pick them up anyway. Some days the storm comes and the water is turbulent and rough. It’s a bad day in an otherwise clear sky that’s just on the horizon. Your boat only holds so many people and you come to realize not everyone on board is a some one worth keeping on the journey. They have to leave so you can continue. There really is no destination. What matters is who you surround yourself with. I believe that’s truly all that matters in life. Nothing less.

Later world.

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